Set your family on a Transformational Adventure and unlock your children’s true Potential! Nurture their Leadership Mindset and set them up for Success in all areas of their Life! Abundance World Schooling is a journey of your life, a Sacred adventure that is revealed to you and your family in a Perfect mode and with Divine timing. It’s not just another trip! It’s an Odyssey where things happen to you in the most Magical way, where the next steps, destinations and experiences are unveiled to you in an orchestrated and Mystical manner, yet always serving your family in the Best possible way!

  • Imagine you can offer your children the Best Education Ever on this planet! How would you like them to learn?

  • Imagine your children learning to swim in the azure waters of the Caribbean surrounded by beautiful sea life!

  • Imagine your children hand-feeding elephants in the jungles of Thailand, rescuing turtles in Sri Lanka, planting pomegranate trees in Spain, and picking olives in the mountains of Greece!

  • Imagine your children celebrating their birthdays with newly met friends on a Dominican beach, having a blast at a foam party on the Canary Islands, or roaming among medieval knights at a magnificent fire festival in Italy!

  • Imagine your children learning about sustainability on an aloe vera plantation on Fuerteventura Island, tasting sea salt from salt marshes in Malta, helping out to collect rubber from rubber trees in India, or taking part in the latest edu-tech fair in Singapore!

  • Imagine your World Schooling being aligned with your family’s unique needs! Honour your children’s individual learning styles and preferences, appeal to their natural gifts, expand them as human beings, and nurture their holistic growth!

  • Imagine your children learning naturally everywhere you go! Squeeze the most out of your everyday experiences without having to worry about course books or worksheets, with no pressure that you have to follow curriculum anymore. And yet, marvel at how much they learn and develop, and have tools at hand to prove their educational progress easily!

All This And Much More Is Within Your Reach!

We’ve been living like this for the past 12 years - WORLD SCHOOLING our son in the most natural way there is. Now your child can receive this Magnificent Education too! So, if you are REALLY serious about World Schooling your own children, take action NOW!

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Case Study - Meet Our Son!

Julius has never attended school in his entire life. He started his World Schooling adventure when he was only 4 months old.

It’s been 12 years ever since, and he loves his Freedom. He loves exploring and learning WHAT he likes most, and HOW he likes it best while we all travel the world together. 

The result? So far so amazing!

  • Julius is fully bilingual in English and Polish.
  • He's mastered reading and writing in two languages completely on his own!  He started reading when he was 9, and since then he’s advanced from reading graphic novels to gobbling up full-length adventure stories and 1200-page thriller books in only 3 years!
  • He also writes his own books, currently working on two adventure stories.
  • He’s been exploring his passions for construction, film directing and script writing. His dream is to make big movies like Lucas or Spielberg!
  • He trains martial arts with his dad learning from the best masters in South-East Asia. 
  • His social and communication skills are just outstanding!
  • He’s been using his design and voice talents in games and mobile applications for children.
  • He knows his learning styles and his strengths - he’s already planning his future life as an entrepreneur.

He’s achieved all this while travelling the world with us non-stop for the past 12 years, visiting 17 countries and 4 continents so far!

And all this time it's Julius who 's been the author of his own learning!

What You'll Get When You Sign Up

Here's the entire curriculum with all modules (click on the PLUS symbols below to see the full content):

Are You REALLY Ready to Invest in Your Children's Future Education?

On this Signature Online Programme with Magdalena & Witold You Will:

  • Connect with your dream Abundance World Schooling vision. You’ll explore, discover and understand your calling and how it can benefit your family.

  • Discover your children’s and your entire family’s Unique Profiles, Learning Preferences and Styles. This will serve as the Golden Pillar to set you up for planning your own World Schooling Journey, manifesting the most exciting Learning Experiences for you all, and enjoying Natural Learning on the Go!

  • Understand WHY and HOW Family Profiling helps manifest the Unique Abundance Route of your travels that is just perfect for your family.

  • Discover the contexts, experiences, places and destinations that Best Support your children and your entire family. You’ll be ready to incorporate them all in your own World Schooling plans!

  • Understand why and how certain Contexts will not support your children and your family. You’ll be ready to substitute them with the Experiences that are Most Nurturing for you all!

What Other Parents Say About Us:

“Wow - your training is so wonderful! I am so excited for the families whose lives will be changed by your guidance in their children's education. I felt so comfortable listening to you, and it was so easy to digest all that you were saying. I can not say enough good things!”

Lindsey Z., Arizona, USA - home schooling momLindsey Z., Arizona, USA - home schooling mom

“OMG! This is amazing! You are the Magic we needed! You helped me believe in our life style again but at a much deeper level. It's been a wonderful process!”

Suzie C., Queensland, Australia - unschooling momSuzie C., Queensland, Australia - unschooling mom

“It's just liberating!”

Collin Clapp, New Zealand - world schooling dad, founder of Parenting Passports & ProfitsCollin Clapp, New Zealand - world schooling dad, founder of Parenting Passports & Profits

“Very insightful - really strong stuff! I hope a lot of parents come across it and use it!”

Leslie M., Canada - EducatorLeslie M., Canada - Educator

“You’ve learnt about our son much more in one hour than all his teachers during the last two years! Now we never worry he’s too active, we finally know how to support him!”

Lucy J., Shanghai, China - Conscious Parent-EducatorLucy J., Shanghai, China - Conscious Parent-Educator

Who Are We?

Hi, it's Magdalena and Witold here! We’ve been World Schooling our son for the past 13 years, travelling the world full-time!

Magdalena & Vito - Founders of Natural Born Leaders.orgWe’ve mastered the art of living in the world and using the environments and opportunities it offers to learn on the go in the most natural way there is - with no worksheets, no course books, and no curriculum at all! And we’ve been building our son’s learning portfolio all the while, documenting his learning and development.

We both are experienced teacher trainers, Mindful Parenting experts, and UK-certified assessors/ evaluators in Child Care, Learning and Development. We specialise in Child-Led Natural Learning, and we use our insights to plan truly personalised learning adventures for other world schooling families. The adventures that are fully aligned with their unique needs and preferences! 

We inspire other parents to tune into their children’s hidden gifts and natural talents (every singe child has them!). And we help parents become the Educators of the Future - we show them how to use the world travels to nurture their children’s growth.

Do you REALLY want to know HOW to travel the world with your children and make it your LIFESTYLE?

Do you want to learn how to plan and offer your children the best learning experiences that are aligned with your family’s unique needs and preferences - all the while you travel? Do you want to live in the most beautiful places in the world? Do you want to feel that you belong everywhere? Do you want to offer your children the best education ever?

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And who is it for?

World Schooling with Natural Born Leaders.orgWorld Schooling offers unique learning experiences that will help your children and your entire family develop and nurture all key skills, values and attitudes you need to lead truly happy and fulfilling life: self-awareness, open-mindedness, cultural awareness, creativity, sense of purpose, gratitude, entrepreneur spirit, and natural leadership.

It’s a really exciting and life-changing experience that will appeal to the many. However, we know it’s not for everyone!

Are you REALLY ready to go beyond your comfort zone, leave judgment and your old stories behind - and welcome Abundance in your Life? 

This is what ABUNDANCE WORLD SCHOOLING is all about.

It's not just a trip - it’s a truly life changing experience! And if you are really open to changes, then you will experience real Abundance on your way:

- 🌟 exciting learning experiences for your children and your entire family

- 🌟 people appearing out of nowhere to help you out, or just to make friends with you

- 🌟 surprise invitations to parties and events (often with VIP passes!)

- 🌟 staying in places you would never imagine you could

- 🌟 meeting potential business partners 

- 🌟 perfect synchronicities in your travel plans

- 🌟 sudden changes of initial plans that turn out to be the best experiences ever

- 🌟 magical connections with like-minded people

- 🌟 exciting business or career opportunities

There is so much more, and we have experienced it all!

Now it's your turn!

💫 If you are REALLY ready to go with the flow, be flexible, allow your heart to draw the map of your travels, and let your children guide you in their learning, then we are on the same page - your World Schooling journey will be easy, relaxing and wonderful!

 🎉 Abundance World Schooling is ALL about embracing the authentic experiences that you encounter on the go, being open to welcome Abundance in all areas of your life, and using your adventures to grow as an individual and as a family. It’s about nurturing your children's leaderships skills and abundance mindset which will help them voyage towards a truly happy and fulfilling life!

 🎉 Abundance World Schooling is NOT about choosing to learn through renunciation, sacrifice, or pain - even though you may experience difficult situations when you travel. It’s about learning from challenges, once they happen, how to expand your mind and navigate back towards an easy, relaxing and joyful sailing.

Travelling the world full-time is super exciting and can be easy to arrange. In fact, you can align your travels with your business, your family life will thrive, and your children’s education will happen in the most natural way bringing mind-blowing results

You will meet wonderful people on the way, and your both body and mind will be nurtured by the colours, the smells and the flavours of the world!