ACTIVE LEARNING STARTER ™ online training program for parents will help you support your children’s Experiential Cross-Curricular Learning and Balanced Development at Home - with minimum time commitment for you, and with maximum educational impact and engagement for your children!

Perfect for homeschooling, unschooling, after school or during out-of-school times.

About the Program:

  • Weekly 5-minute-long reading lessons - each with high quality photos illustrating examples of best practice, tools and strategies to facilitate your children's holistic learning and balanced development at home!

  • Each lesson contains reflective activities, discussions and hands-on tasks for you to try out and implement at your home right away!

  • Your time commitment will be no more than 10-15 minutes per lesson. However, your children will receive high quality learning that will keep them busy for hours or even days!

  • All activities and strategies in this program will help you support your children's Personalised and Full-Potential Learning at home - whether you homeschool, after school or during out-of-school time!

  • Perfect for families who consider homeschooling, world schooling or unschooling. All activities shown fully support self-directed learning and help offer reliable framework for weeks and months!

  • This training will help parents identify powerful learning opportunities on a daily basis and understand how everyday experiences can be easily mapped with tangible learning goals.

Active Learning Starter - by Natural Born Leaders

ACTIVE EXPERIENTIAL HOLISTIC LEARNING is the best way to make sure children’s holistic growth - their physical, mental and emotional development - is adequately supported. This, in turn, will accelerate their educational progress.

Active Learning is how children naturally learn!

Main Features:

Duration: 9 weeks - 1 lesson per week

Time commitment for the parents10-15 mins per lesson

Learning and engagement time for the childrenongoing (depending on individual children’s learning needs and preferences)

Age range: Early Childhood and Primary Education (up to 10 years old)

Active Learning Starter - by Natural Born Leaders

How the Program Works:

  • Sign up for the program and create your FREE user account first.

  • After successful enrolment you’ll get access to 9 weekly lessons (1 lesson per week) for the duration of 9 weeks.

  • As soon as a new lesson is released, read our short educational text and study our visual materials illustrating examples of best practice, tools and strategies.

  • By the end of each lesson you’ll complete our follow-up activities and hands-on tasks. This will equip you with tools and strategies which then you can try with your children at your home right away.

  • You may want to prepare the activities together with your children, or even with your entire family. Initially, you can play and learn all together, but eventually you may want to let your children enjoy their quality learning time on their own.

About the Program Creators:

Magdalena Matulewicz & Witold Matulewicz - Founders of Natural Born Leaders

  • Experienced Teacher Trainers, Curriculum Developers and Online Course Designers
  • UK-certified Assessors-Evaluators in Children's Care Learning Development and Play (CCLD and School Playwork)
  • Assessors in Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)
  • Responsible for assessing the quality of Early Years and Early Childhood settings (in the UK and globally)
  • Have trained many other Early Years Professionals, Primary Teachers, and Parents
  • Authors of:  "Home Education Accelerator" training program for parents, "Active Learning Booster" training program for teachers, "Master Teacher" transformation training program for teachers
  • Keynote Speakers at international conferences and summits 
  • Home Educating and World Schooling parents for over 17 years

From our Family to Yours

Our personal journey took our family through more than 25 countries where the main platform for education for our children is Active Experiential Learning.

Worldschooling is  about using the authentic experiences that will happen to your family on the go and understanding their educational value including life skills, leaderships skills, cross-curricular outcomes, creativity and the abundance mindset that will help your children navigate their journey towards truly happy and fulfilling life.

In our trainings we guide you using both our profound professional insights and our life experiences as world schooling parents to support your family offer your children the education that promotes their natural gifts and talents and their holistic development

Enjoy your Journey! 


Learn how to support your children's Active Experiential Learning & Development at Home!