Would you like to fully support your children to learn to their Full Potential and help them develop Future-Oriented Life Skills?

Home Learning is the real opportunity of modern times that will allow your children to:

  • engage in Personalised Learning Processes fully tailored to their unique needs, preferences, talents and gifts - thus accelerating their learning

  • learn through their strengths, follow their interests, expand their skills, and master their talents in the most natural way

  • embark on Self-Directed Learning and become responsible for their own learning process - the skillset that will truly prepare them for the future and activate their natural Leadership Mindset

If you do...

then you'll most likely agree that Future Learning is no longer about knowledge, and not so much about skills either. It's all about MINDSET!

We are entering a massive Paradigm Shift in education that calls for celebration of child’s uniqueness, and promotion of positive self-image and conscious self-knowing. And when these are in place, all other skills, including academic skills, can be easily developed.

And the ONLY educational approaches that will effectively facilitate this New Paradigm Shift are:

  • Personalised Self-Directed Learning

  • Cross-Curricular Education

  • Child-Led Play

  • Experiential Holistic Learning

  • Positive Child-Centred Pedagogy

Home Learning provides excellent opportunities to take advantage of these powerful educational approaches TODAY!

You can easily support your children's learning at home - without any planning or disruptions to your everyday family life!

Your children, through their natural talents and gifts, can help bring about new innovations, new ideas, and new technologies that will make the world an amazing and safe place to live.

But to do this...

your children need to be able to explore who they really are as individuals, discover their inner gifts and natural talents, and fully express themselves in everyday life.

  • Home Education will give you an amazing chance to offer the most powerful form of learning - Holistic Personalised Active Learning!

  • You'll have a chance to substitute pen & paper or technology-based learning with Whole-Person Education based on your children being active participants in their own learning processes!

  • Your children will be engaged in learning through all their senses, solve real problems, find innovative solutions, and develop core life skills through a unique and authentic connection with the real world!

This is exactly what Home Learning can offer you and your children!

Natural Born Leaders

However, chances are that you don't know where to start ...

  • You may not have the right tools and approaches to support your children's learning at home and address their individual needs and preferences

  • You don't know how to monitor your children's educational progress and how to meet your local requirements

  • You fear that you'll spend a lot of time planning your children's home education every day

  • There is too much pressure and frustration at your home - all because you try to keep the learning structured and scheduled, and it doesn't work

  • You are afraid that home education means that you need to become a teacher to your children, and you really don't know how to teach or even don't want to

  • Children don’t really like what you've planned for them - they get bored and don’t learn much

  • You fear that no structure and no course books means no educational progress

  • You feel there might be another more exciting and child-friendly way to support your children's learning at home but you don’t know where to look

We can relate!

We've been there too! And now we're here to help you offer the highest quality Home Learning for your children!

Proven System to Put Home Learning on Autopilot

Fully Child-Centred & Personalised to your children's individual needs - with a minimum effort on your side!


  • your children receive the Education that truly supports their holistic growth, nurtures their natural Leadership Mindset, and meets their individual needs and preferences in full

  • you can support your children's learning at home to be in line with the most effective educational approaches that ever existed: Whole-Person Experiential Learning, Self-Directed Learning, and Cross-Curricular Education

  • your children get engaged in interactive projects, activities and experiences that go far beyond pen & paper or screen-based education - and you can see tangible results without having to control the process all the time

  • you are able to track your children's educational progress and you can map it against your national curriculum or any framework of your choosing

  • you can plan and deliver Child-Centred Holistic Home Education without any formal structure, course books or worksheets - and take your children's learning at home to a completely new level

  • you are able to support your children's learning at home without compromising your everyday lifestyle, your professional duties, your business activities, and your family time and dynamics

  • you can become a confident and completely independent Parent-Educator of the Future in less than 3 months!

Created by a Home Schooling Family of Educators, Assessors and Teacher Trainers

Proven strategies from over 13 years of experience in Home Education and 25+ years in teaching, training and assessment!

Sounds too good to be true?

We've been home educating our son since he was born (for over 13 years now) and we've never spent more than 15 minutes per week planning his Home Learning.

Natural Born Leaders.org

And with fabulous results! His education has always been based on Child-Led Self-Directed, Whole-Person Experiential Learning - with no formal school-like structure, course books, or worksheets. We only facilitated the entire process and enabled safe environments for him so that he could learn naturally. Our job was to align it all with his individual needs, preferences, natural gifts and talents. 

We have been monitoring his educational progress using the most effective strategies that we adopted from our professional work as Teacher Trainers and Assessors-Evaluators in Children's Care Learning and Development (CCLD). And now we are sharing these strategies with you in our Home Education Accelerator ™ program so that you can do the same too!  

Meet our son Julius!

Natural Born Leaders.org

Our Son's Achievements

Julius has never attended school in his entire life (not counting the 2 days he spent at school in Spain just to see how it was)! He loves his freedom, and he loves actively exploring the world and learning what he likes most and how he likes best. And the result?

  • Julius is fully bilingual in English and Polish.

  • He's mastered reading and writing in two languages completely on his own - with no course books, textbooks, or worksheets.

  • He’s advanced from reading graphic novels (with the first one being The Alchemist) to gobbling up full-length adventure stories and 1200-page thriller books in only 3 years! He also writes his own stories, working on two adventure stories now.

  • He trains martial arts with his dad learning from the masters in South-East Asia. He's an excellent self-taught swimmer too.

  • His social and communication skills and conflict management skill are outstanding! He's made friends all over the world with children of all ages. He’s been intuitively coaching his friends and guiding them into positive conflict resolution using his natural sensitivity, understanding of differences between people, and his excellent communication skills.

  • He’s been using his design and voice talents in games and mobile applications for children. He’s helped his parents design two multimedia applications for children promoting bilingualism and the cultural heritage of Poland.

  • He knows his learning styles and his strengths - he’s already planning his future life as an entrepreneur.

  • He's developed Global Perspective and cross-cultural understanding while living and travelling the world with his parents for the past 13 years and visiting 20+ countries

  • He's never used worksheets, course books or any structured lessons whatsoever. He's learned his entire life following Self-Directed, Experiential, and Holistic Approaches!

You can easily achieve similar results for your children without moving school to your home!

You don't need to be a qualified teacher either. And you don't need to study child development or spend hours planning structured lessons. These will never help you support your children's learning at home!

But you need a System in place first!

A FRAMEWORK that will make your planning and delivery of your children's home-learning FULLY AUTOMATED - with a minimum effort on your side, but still bringing amazing results!

Natural Born Leaders

Child-Centred, fully Personalised and adjusted to your children’s individual needs and preferences. 

The system that will allow you to effortlessly offer Experiential Whole-Person and Cross-Curricular Self-Directed Learning.


And if you have more than one child, this system will work for each of them exactly the same brilliant way!

Immediate At-Home Implementation

You'll be hands-on immediately, and ready to apply the most effective tools and strategies from Day One!

HOME EDUCATION ACCELERATOR ™ - Powerful Training for Parents and Carers

We’ve created this unique Transformation Training Program basing on our experience of home educating our son for over 13 years, and over 20 years of hands-on experience in education. We’ve combined our direct experience as Early Childhood Education Professionals with our in-depth subject matter expertise as Assessors in Children’s Care, Learning and Development (CCLD) as well as Assessors-Evaluators in Early Years Professional Status (EYPS). On top of that, we’ve added our insights as teacher trainers, curriculum designers, and Personalised Learning Experiences facilitators.

  • Fully hands-on and experiential Transformation Training Program. Total Duration: 3 months

  • Instant at-home implementation, practical tasks, projects, brainstorming sessions, observations, reflective tasks, real-life case studies and scenarios, examples of best practice

  • Your home schooling context and your home environment is used as your training environment

  • Offers proven tools for instant feedback, evaluation and progress tracking.

  • Optimised for all existing early years and primary curriculum frameworks and national standards

  • All early childhood and early primary curriculum friendly - aligned with the British EYFS Framework, Singaporean NEL Framework, and Australian EAL

  • Aligned with UK professional frameworks - National Vocational Qualifications level 3 in Children's Care Learning and Development, and School Playwork

  • Suitable for preschool children (birth to 5) and early primary children (5-10)

Natural Born Leaders

What Other Parents Say:

"You are the Magic we needed!"

Suzie Coroneos - unschooling parent, Australia

“This is amazing! You removed the element of doubt and fear from my home and my life. You = Wisdom! You are gifted! I’m so grateful! You are helping me believe in our life style again but at a much deeper level. It's been an amazing process. I am understanding the nuts and bolts of natural learning. I've been looking for years for this!! I am beyond confidence in understanding natural learning now and gaining confidence in my own abilities to help enhance this for my child now. You, your presence in all this, your passion and what I’m coming to understand is helping me to drop things that aren't relevant and this is freeing me. I am grateful, you are magic, the magic that we needed!!

"The course was so wonderful!"

Lindsay Zingg - world schooling parent, USA

"Wow - your course was so wonderful! I am so excited for the families whose lives will be changed by your guidance in their children's education! I could listen to you speak all day. I felt so comfortable listening to you, and it was so easy to digest all that you were saying, I can not say enough good things! "

"This is just liberating!"

Colin Clapp - world schooling parent, New Zealand

"With our intuitive system in place you will be able to offer your children truly Personalised Education and adjust learning pathways to their individual needs and preferences."

Meet our daughter Jasmina!

We supported our daughter to transition from formal education to home schooling, and then back again to formal education. We helped her figure out her vision and her pathway to secure a dream spot at a UK university, from which she will be graduating this year!

Natural Born Leaders

Our daughter's achievements:

Jasmina attended primary school in London and switched to home schooling when our family moved to Spain. This is when her journey with home and world schooling started, and when her talents have been discovered.

  • She started writing and illustrating her first stories when she was 5. She published her first ebook story when she was 14.

  • She volunteered at Aloe Vera Plantation with her younger brother Julius, couchsurfing through Europe and making friends all over the world.

  • Together with her brother Julius they both helped us design the concept, story line and illustrations for our two educational mobile applications for children that promote bilingualism and the cultural heritage of Poland.

  • She prepared herself for IGCSE exams on her own, and passed her tests in English and Spanish with flying colours.

  • Her acting skills and voice talent has been used in many educational projects all over the globe, for which she has received very positive feedback as an emerging young talent.

  • She's achieved her dream by securing a place at university in London where she is currently completing her final year in journalism.

  • She has already participated in a students exchange program in Australia, and completed her internship in London where she offers her talents as editor and writer for local magazines.

  • Jasmina is getting ready to come back to travelling once she completes her studies and offer more of her talents to the world. She is planning to engage in voluntary work with animals, promote sustainability and healthy lifestyle.

Bite-Size Pre-Recorded Video Sessions

Only 15 minutes long, each video is packed with practical and ready-to-use content!

What You'll Learn

When you enrol for HOME EDUCATION ACCELERATOR ™ you will learn:

  • How to plan and offer fully Personalised, Self-Directed and Experiential Home Education for your children based on their unique needs and learning styles

  • How to identify your children’s learning styles, energy profiles, and individual needs

  • How to design and set up your indoor and outdoor learning environments at home (Play & Learning Stations) to support your children's individual needs and maximise inspiring and safe learning opportunities

  • How to track your children’s educational progress and match their learning outcomes with the curriculum framework you follow

  • How to offer Experiential Whole-Person Learning experiences to support Full Potential Future-Oriented Learning and foster the development of Core Life Skills

  • How to choose and create best educational resources to support Cross-Curricular Education and Whole-Person Learning at home

  • How to use everyday natural learning opportunities to support your children's learning journey

  • How to record your children's educational progress and build their individual Learning Portfolios

  • How to support your children to transition from structured learning environments to Self-Directed Learning

  • How to work with the most effective educational approaches used by world's top educators: Active Holistic Learning, Cross-Curricular Education, Play-Based Learning, Child-Led Play, Multi-Sensory Learning, Positive Pedagogy, Enabling Environments, and Free Flow.

Natural Born Leaders

Proven Strategies for Easy At-Home Implementation and Powerful Impact!


    Our training program is calibrated to offer a maximised learning input for you and your children with a minimum time engagement on your side. All training sessions are around 15 minutes long. All hands-on tasks and projects will be aligned with your everyday family life, so no extra work will be needed. You will see amazing results from day one of the training! You, your family and most of all your children will be able to appreciate the outcomes straight away!


    We've designed this program with total transformation and full practicality in mind. Parents and carers will receive ready-to-implement proven tools and strategies that have been successfully tried and tested in Home Education by ourselves and by thousands of other home schooling families from around the globe. You can apply these strategies at your home right away, and our pre-recorded video materials will guide you how to do this step by step!

Natural Born Leaders

What you'll get when you sign up

Apart from the powerful system and the most effective approaches, you'll get a series of tools and strategies that you will be able to use and implement at your home right away!

  • Interactive Training Modules packed with transformational content, practical hands-on tasks, examples of best practice, and real-life case studies!

  • Powerful System we call Planning Without Planning ™ which you will implement and have up and running by the time you finish the program. The system will be the backbone of your entire Home Education and will stay with you forever!

  • Set of the most powerful educational approaches that ever existed in education and used by world's top educators and home schooling families!

  • Series of Reflective Coaching Tasks to help you develop the right kind of mindset and confidence to become a powerful Parent-Educator of the Future!

  • Set of Planning, Observation and Evaluation tools that you'll be able to use to plan and monitor your children's educational progress - known and used by professional assessors only!

  • Powerful state-of-the-art Child & Family Profiling tool which will help you personalise your children's home education!

  • Instant built-in Feedback - this program has been designed to offer you immediate feedback on your progress, and keep you on the right track!

Natural Born Leaders

COVID-19 Crisis Support Discount!

In an effort to support all families in these challenging times, we've adjusted our pricing to this new reality to make sure it's as affordable as possible.

  • £279.00

    Covid19 Crisis Support Special Offer (regular price: £499.00)

    Join Now!

Packed with Case Studies, Examples of Best Practice & Real-Life Scenarios

All training content is illustrated with actual examples of what works best - and coupled with our expert commentary and advice!

About Natural Born Leaders

Founded by Magdalena Matulewicz & Witold Matulewicz

  • Experienced Teacher Trainers, Curriculum Developers and Course Designers
  • UK-certified NVQ Assessors-Evaluators in Children's Care Learning Development and Play (CCLD and School Playwork)
  • Early Years Professional Status Assessors (EYPS) - responsible for assessing the quality of Early Years and Early Childhood provisions in the UK and training Early Years Professionals
  • Home Educating and World Schooling Parents

"Our mission has always been to help make a massive shift in the way we understand learning and how we deliver education." 

"We have dedicated more than 20 years to figure out the nuts and bolts of human Natural Learning up to the tiniest details - until we have understood how we can help children use their natural gifts and talents and learn to their full potential. The way we were never given a chance when we were kids."

  • We worked as assessors and evaluators in governmental projects such as the Early Years Professional Status (EYPS), National Vocational Qualifications in Children's Care Learning and Development (CCLD), and National Vocational Qualifications in School Playwork. 

  • We collaborated with the biggest and the most respected Higher Education institutions in the UK such as the Tribal Group, Kingston University, the JGA Group, and Canterbury Christ Church University. 

  • During the past 10 years we have inspected and assessed over 100 Early Childhood provisions - many of them represented the highest standards in education, whereas many were still far from it. 

  • We have travelled across the globe and lived in over 30 different countries where we've made friends with locals, lived their lifestyle, participated in their local customs, events and gatherings. We've visited local playgrounds, museums, children-dedicated places, nurseries and schools. We've talked to teachers, parents, children, and visionaries.  We've experienced, tested, observed, evaluated, and enjoyed local infrastructure, parks, and public spaces for families and children. We've seen the best and not so great. After all these years of living in the world, future-oriented education holds no secrets for us!

  • We've been world schooling our son Julius for over 13 years non-stop. He's never been to school but he's been learning from the world all his life - with a great success! We have a deep understanding of Formal Education, Home Schooling, and Personalised Learning. We've experienced how children can flourish on both paths and what it takes to "get it right" for them.  

  • We supported our daughter Jasmina to transition from formal education to home schooling, and then back again to formal education. We helped her figure out her vision and her pathway to secure a dream spot at a UK university, from which she will be graduating this year!

  • Our professional insights combined with life experience give us a unique Global Perspective. We know what all children have in common, regardless of the location. We also understand the local perspective of educators and parents, and what they need in order to be able to offer the same highest quality Education and Care.

The Secret Ingredient

After all these years we can confidently say that we know the secret of the World Class Future-Oriented Eduction that effectively nurtures children’s natural Leadership Mindset and supports their Full Potential Learning.

The most successful educators and parents are doing certain things the same way. They follow exactly the same procedures, they have the same systems in place, they share the same values.

We’ve put together 20+ years of our experience in formal education and home schooling, we've boiled it down, and we’ve created Home Education Accelerator ™ - a powerful training program that incorporates all key ingredients that guarantee all learning processes are highly personalised for every child, and that each child is celebrated for their uniqueness. This in turn serves as a very strong foundation for nurturing children’s natural Leadership Mindset. 

Natural Born Leaders

Join our cutting-edge Home Education Accelerator ™ training program today! We are going to reveal all the key principles that you need in place in order to offer the world class Early Childhood Education. We'll share the most effective strategies and tools for you to apply at your home straight away!

We will show you how to implement the most advanced and the most powerful educational approaches that ever existed in the history of Education - so that you can support your children too!

Become Independent Home Educator

No need for course books, worksheets, or activities! Offer tailor-made education with long-term tangible results!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this program for?

    If you want to support your children's Home Learning and don't know where to start | If you are considering transition from Structured Learning to Self-Directed Child-Led and Child-Centred Learning at Home | If your children attend school but you would like to support their holistic learning at home | If you would like to offer Child-Centred and Personalised Education to help your children become confident and independent learners for life | If you are currently unschooling and would like to have a reliable system that will help you automate your planning and evaluation, and track your children’s educational progress with ease | If you are a traveling family (your are world schooling) and you would like to offer structure-free learning using learning experiences on the go.

  • Who should not join the program?

    The program is NOT for the parents who need help with structured homeschooling (course book or worksheet based learning, organized classes, daily structured learning sessions). This program is NOT a quick fix solution either - you will need to do the work yourself under our supportive guidance to achieve the results we outlined here.

  • I need to follow my national curriculum. Is this program compatible?

    Our HOME EDUCATION ACCELERATOR ™ training program is curriculum independent, and at the same time all-curriculum-friendly. In fact, the entire training content goes beyond any curriculum framework. Whatever framework you follow, our training program will fit in nicely and will help you easily cover your local requirements.

  • What is the time commitment and intensity?

    The learning process has been designed to support your everyday family life, so no extra workload will be needed to complete the program. You will be able to apply all tools and strategies at your home right away! The entire program is optimised for 3 months - this will give parents and carers enough time for implementation and integration of the training content. Each training session is based on micro learning, and each video lesson is around 15 minutes long - and you will be asked to watch one video lesson every 2-3 days only. However, since the training content consists of hands-on tasks and experiential projects which you will need to implement at your home, the actual time of full implementation will depend on individual parents or carers and their engagement in the process.

  • I have more than one child. Is this program going to work for all of them?

    Yes! Our program offers a very effective and flexible framework that will work for all your children at the same time. And you will still be able to address your children's unique needs and individual preferences, and offer truly Personalised Education to each of them!

  • Can my children's nanny/carer take part in the program?

    Yes! If you work with a nanny or a carer who helps you take care of your children or even deals with their everyday learning at home, we highly recommend that she/he completes this program too. This will definitely help you maintain the same highest standards of care and education for all your children at all times. In fact, it is recommended that all adults (both parents and carers) who are actively involved in your children's care and education complete this program.

  • How long will I have access to your training content?

    For best results HOME EDUCATION ACCELERATOR ™ training program has been designed to be completed within 3 months' time. So, from the date you start the program, you will have access to our training content for 3+2 months. This is to motivate you to follow the learning process as we have designed it for you, and not to prolong it too much. And you will get 2 extra months too, just in case you experience any delays.

Fully Personalised to Your Children's Individual Needs

Powerful and easy to apply system that will work for all your children in the same brilliant way - with a minimum effort on your side!